Welcome Week Kick-Off & Grand Opening of Student Center

Join us for our annual Welcome Celebration but this year, it will be special being that it will also be our Grand Opening

8/26 11am to 2pm
Campus Hall

Free Money Game Show

Come out and play trivia to win some moolah!

8/26 6pm to 7pm
Campus Hall

Leadership Series Tabling/CAB Tabling

This is an opportunity to come learn about how you can get a certificate for attending Leadership Development workshop.

8/27 12pm to 2pm
FH Atrium

Comedy Night with Adam Grabowski & Trey Maddox

Join us for a gut-busting laugh session with two of the best comics on the college market!

8/27 6pm to 7pm
Campus Hall

Headphone Disco

Ever heard of a silent dance party? Well now you have.

8/28 6pm to 9pm
Campus Hall
Religious Diversity

Religious Diversity Chat

8/29 10am to 12pm
Multicultural Center
Vision Board

Vision Board Party

8/29 2pm to 3pm
Res Hall
Wayne Hoffman, Mentalist

Wayne Hoffman - Hypnotist & Mentalist

If you have never seen a hypnotist show, here is your chance. It is hilarious and ridiculous and all kinds of crazy.

8/29 6pm to 7pm
Student Center Hall
Get Out of Your Bubble

Get out of your Bubble

This is a game show-style program!

9/3 12pm to 1pm

Professional Headshot

9/3 4pm to 5pm
Dal1 - 348