Professional Headshot

10/1 4pm to 5pm
Dal1 - 348

SAFE ZONE Training

10/2 1pm to 2pm
Multicultural Space

Code Switching

10/2 5pm to 6pm
DAL 1 102

Hiring Responsibilities

The Hiring Responsibility session will focus on these two questions by exploring best practices for hiring.

10/4 10am to 12pm
FH 304

Behavioral Interviewing

The Behavioral Interviewing session is an interactive session that will explore the use of interview strategies to indicat

10/4 1pm to 3pm
FH 304

Fall 2019: Mid-Term Exam Period (Full Session only)

This is the mid-term exam period for the full session of Fall 2019.

10/7 12am to 10/12 11pm

Performance Management

In the Performance Management session, we cover the basic concepts of the performance management cycle and the means neede

10/8 10am to 12pm
FH 138

Yom Kippur Lunch-n-Learn

10/8 12pm to 1pm
FH 138

Patrick Roche - Spoken Word - Suicide Awareness Month

Patrick Roche is an award-winning poet and performer from New Jersey.

10/8 6pm to 7pm
FH 138