Trivia Stream Virtual Gameshow!

Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Register early to play!

Each show will last about 60 minutes to 75 minutes. Each round students will have a new chance to win gift cards – so they’ll hang out and play the whole time. There’s even a chat room to help students feel more a part of your school’s community and there is a separate chatroom host to pepper help get the conversations started and to help with tech support.

What we offer is a unique, one-time event where students can engage, participate and potentially win some much needed prize money!

What makes Trivia Stream unique?
Hosts – the heart and soul of every game show & Gus Davis is the cream of the crop!
Prize money (gift cards)
A one-time event
Unique URL and Game Play Channels just for your school so it’s a private event!
Creative game flow, carefully thought out to keep students engaged with chances to win!
Capitalizes on the idea of HQ Trivia, but for a much smaller audience where you’ve got a real chance to win some prizes.
Quick-paced , hosted show.
All the fun of a live game show – plus you get to participate and win!
Anyone can “play games” online, but we’re the only company that’s truly offering a GAME SHOW with all of the production value and quality that your students deserve. Don’t risk a low-quality event, the future of your future virtual programming lies in the success of the programs you do. We guarantee a great show.